Tuesday, August 9, 2016

- Freestanding Barriers #B10000

This barrier is the standard in many of the world's major museums.

The stable steel base and upright supports an elasticated cord that defines restricted access but gives to the touch without tripping or injury. This barrier features our injection moulded top that helps prevent 'little fingers' from removing the cap. The base is hollow in the centre to provide weight only where it is required and is cushioned with slip resistant neoprene pads to improve grip and protect polished floor surfaces.  Wall terminators are an excellent way to complete some stanchion installations by returning the line of cord back to the wall.

We recommend a maximum of 7 feet or 2 metres between barriers when planning your layout.

Stainless steel barriers have steel base with stainless steel cover.

For more information on the Freestanding Barrier:

Freestanding Barriers

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