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Wall Wedge Display Shelf

Displays for Art

Displays for art can come in variety of styles, and if you have an art collection you probably already have a number of gallery display stands already. Some art or antiquities do not stand on their own and need a display stand to hold them up or stabilize them if they are unsteady. Some pieces stand on their own or are made with a base attached. For the pieces that need help standing there are many options from art display suppliers as well as exhibition mount makers. There are many displays for art that are ready made stock items that can be purchased to display your art or artifacts. There are also some art display stands that you can bend yourself to get a customized fit for your artwork. These artifact displays are display armatures that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. For the more difficult pieces and complicated exhibition displays you may need to hire a custom mount maker. They can fabricate a display that fits your smallest art object to making a full display exhibition. So if you are an art collector, art gallery, museum, exhibition designer, or other institution you probably need displays for art. Here we show a number of categories for displaying art, artifacts, or collectibles.

Mineral, Fossil and Shell Displays:

Caliper stands available in brass and chrome:

Display Risers and Bases:

Clear, Black, and Wood Risers and Base Displays for Art. Risers and bases can set off your art piece or use multiple sizes to create a more interesting display.
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Clear Acrylic Ring Displays:

Acrylic rings can be used as displays for art for round bottom objects.

Displays for specific items:

Display stands for weapons like guns, swords, clubs, ect.:
Pistol Displays Acrylic Gun Displays Acrylic Sword Displays Verical Sword Display Dagger or Knife Display Mace or Club Displays
Displays for art, artifacts, antiques and collectibles:
African or Tribal Mask Displays Oil Lamp Displays Cane and Walking Stick Displays Antique Hand Fan Displays Helmet and Hat Stand Displays Egg and Sphere Displays Ornament Displays Spoon Displays Doll Display Stands


Armature Display Stands:

"Do It Yourself" metal armature displays for art that you bend to fit your art and collectibles:
T-arm Bendable Displays for Art Spider Bendable Displays for Art Center Post Base Displays for Art H-arm Bendable Displays for Art Double T-arm Bendable Displays for Art Large T-arm Bendable Displays for Art

Plate and Bowl Stands:

Collectible plates, bowls, cups and saucers are available in a wide range from many cultures and time periods. There are a number of ways to display plates, the most popular approach is the easel. Bowl stands require a deeper easel than a plate stand simply because bowls are deeper than plates. There are many stock plate and bowl stands in a variety of sizes and styles. Clear easels are available in a large range of sizes going up to 18” tall to hold a platter or charger. There are also clear bowl stands as well. Some clear stands are also adjustable, allowing you to adjust for depth or the angle of display. Easels in wood are also available in a number of sizes and finishes including deep easels for bowls. These easels are folding so the depth has some adjustability. There are risers for plates and bowls as well as platform easels, which are used for objects with pointed bottoms like a “heart“ shape. Risers can also be used to display the piece at a higher level so something can be placed out in front. Another way to display a plate is on the wall. The size and weight of your plate will determine which style wall hanger is best for your needs. Standard spring wire holders can be used on lighter plates. These have some adjustability to them in the expansion of the spring. Other adjustable holders are plastic and put less stress on the point of contact. Larger plates can be displayed with an adjustable acrylic wall holder. Another option for wall mounting, in both metal and acrylic, are wall easels. Displays for cup and saucer sets are available in both acrylic and metal. In addition, there are displays that hold multiple plate settings.

Display Art Easels:

There are many types of easels for displaying your artwork. Decorative Easels, Metal Easels, Adjustable Easels, Acrylic Easels, Wood Easels, and Floor Easels.

Display Cases and Shelves:

Table cases, wall cases, and shelves to display your art.
Acrylic Wall Case with Door Wall Wedge Shelf Acrylic Case with Walnut Base Acrylic Shelf Acrylic Shelf with Support Glass Dome with Walnut Base

Information Systems

Sign holders and other items for identifying art and displaying information:
Aluminum Wall Label Holders Numbered Blocks Information Stands Acrylic Wall Label Holders Tabletop Label Holders I Pad holders







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African Mask Display Stands

African Mask Display Stands

African ritual and ceremonial masks are usually made of wood and have holes along the sides where string or cord was used to hold the African mask in place. These holes can be used to mount the African mask on a display stand or hang on a wall. You could simply run a string or wire through the holes of the African mask to hang it, or mount it on a display base with an armature. The metal wire follows the inside perimeter so it cannot be seen through the openings in the mask such as the eyes and mouth. The wire goes into a hole on each side of the African mask to hold it in place. It looks better to bend the post where it comes to the bottom of the African mask back and away from the mask, then down to the base. This will add dimension and keeps the post back from the mask. The display base is commonly made of metal or other materials can be used such as acrylic or wood. Custom mounting for African masks can range from $80 to $400 depending on quality of the display mount and size of the mask. Our custom division, 10-31 Inc., has been mounting African masks for over 30 years. They carefully mount the African mask with just the right proportions and finesse giving it a very clean look.
Another alternative for making African mask displays is to do it yourself. Art Display Essentials has stock “T”-arm displays that can be used to make an African mask stand. They come as a basic “T” shape that you can bend the arms down and place into the side holes. The height of the post could be adjusted although you would need a hack saw or bolt cutters to cut through the ¼” steel. You can see these “T”-arm African and tribal mask stands here:

Back of Tribal Mask

T-arm African mask display with wire bent down from the top.
T-arm African mask display stand with more intricate bending of the upright post around mouth so it is not seen from the front.
This is a simpler approach for a tribal mask stand, but you will see the upright post in the mouth from the front.
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Some African masks cover both head and face or full headdress. These may be easier to mount by using a base with a post and a fitting on top. The fitting is sometimes custom shaped to correctly fit the African head piece. There are also stock bases for this situation as well at  Art Display Essentials. These stock items can also be used for helmets, hats and other items of that nature. They can be seen here: http://www.artdisplay.com/helmet-hat-stands.html

Other masks, including masks that are not African, may be made of metal like copper or bronze; or stone such as jade or steatite. The stock stands may or may not work with these depending on size and weight. However, a custom mount can be made by 10-31 Inc.

How to hang an African mask on the wall

Custom African mask wall mounts by 10-31 Inc:

How to hang African masks on wall

The same bending approach used for the African mask display shown above can be used to hang an African mask on the wall. The "T" are available without the base, so instead of the post going down to a base it could go to a metal plate. If you used a metal plate with screw holes like pictured above you would have to solder or weld the post to the plate. You could also use a wooden wall plate that you could drill a hole in on a downward angle for the post to tightly fit into.

African Mask

African masks are typically used for rituals and ceremonies and are also a popular collector’s item, also seen in galleries and museums.  Some African mask types are: Baule Mask, Biombo Mask, Bwa Mask, Dan Mask, Goma Mask, Kota Mask, Kwele Mask, Ligbi Mask, Lulua Mask, Lwalwa Mask, Pende Mask, Punu Mask, Senufo Mask, Teke Mask, Woyo Mask, Yohure Mask.

The stock T-arms can also be used for many other Artifacts such as: usahbtis, celts, etruscans, coreform glass, bronzes, Egyptian, Roman, and Greek artifacts, faience pieces, amulets, jades, terra cotta figures, byzantine, olmec, and mezcala figures, pre columbian, mayan, aztec artifacts and so on.


Chinese Jade Carving

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Floor Mounted Barriers

This barrier is intended for environments where the installation may be of a more permanent nature and has the advantage of not requiring a large steel base for support.

The Absolute floor mounted barrier system is ideally suited to a more permanent display and has the added benefit of appearing more discreet than the Freestanding version whilst still indicating that visitors should not touch the exhibits. It’s neutral finish and simple clean lines sit comfortably within the museum and gallery environment, gently reminding the public of it’s presence without clashing with the display or decor.
The clever bit is a stretchy cord, that fits snugly into the top of each post, drawing a neat line in the air, avoiding the distraction of that dreadful droopy rope, and because the elasticated cord makes a straight line, it blends with the architecture of the building helping the barriers to become less obvious and ensuring the artwork is the object of attention.
The timber floor mounted version of our barrier system has an upright that fits snugly into a stainless steel floor socket and supports the elasticated cord which defines restricted access, but gives to the touch thus avoiding tripping or injury. This socket has a small flange at the top that allows it to be screwed to the floor.
If required the uprights can be removed and the socket filled with a flush fitting plug that leaves a smooth trip free stainless circle of 60mm diameter.

The floor-mounted version for stone or concrete floors of our barrier system has an upright that fits snugly into a small stainless steel floor socket and supports the elasticated cord which defines restricted access, but gives to the touch thus avoiding tripping or injury. The socket has a lip of just 2.5mm making this a very discrete installation. As with the Freestanding barrier, this features our injection moulded top that helps prevent ‘little fingers' from removing the cap. If required the uprights can be removed and the socket filled with a flush fitting plug that leaves a smooth, trip-free stainless circle of just 25mm.


We recommend a maximum of 10 feet
or 3 meters between these barriers.

For more information on the Floor Mounted Barrier system: